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Counterfeit Swinging Sticks


There have been many recent instances of counterfeit Swinging Sticks throughout the internet. Most of these products originate in China and India and are made ​​from low-grade plastic and are not precision machined. These products are of inferior grade and will not last as long, or may even begin to make clinking noises due to imperfect construction.

Sometimes these websites may even feature fake patents (see side bar). This patent looks real, however upon further research it is deemed to be an infringing fake. Before you decide to shop around and buy one of the cheaper Swinging Sticks on the internet, you should read the following information.

Faulty Components

The Swinging Sticks, is an authentic, legitimate product. These may cost a little more but thats because they are built to last. Stood head to head for 6 months straight, the counterfeit Swinging Sticks had to have its batteries changed and the brackets started making small noises.

The electronic system that powers the Swinging Sticks sculpture through magnets also is made of inferior grade in the counterfeit sculptures which will not last as long as the real one will.

The real Swinging Sticks is made with a wooden base, either painted matte black or in the bamboo style. The fake Swinging Sticks are made with a plastic base and are often not created with machine precision. These are likely to be loose and hastily constructed with inferior materials. This decreases the quality of the product.

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