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Swinging Sticks Support - Swinging Sticks Bent Pin

Swinging Sticks Bent Pin

If you received a Swinging Sticks sculpture and you found that it was not working properly, or that the motion would stop after several passes, do not freak out. This is a very simple problem we have been getting lately.

This is the only problem we ever encounter with the Swinging Sticks and occurs because the aluminum arms are not perpendicular to the triangle frame. The sticks must be absolutely perpendicular to the frame in order for the sculpture to work properly.

The arms can get out of adjustment during assembly or when taken apart for moving purposes, by people playing with the arms, if the unit falls over and if animals play with them. What happens is that the pin at the top of the frame becomes bent slightly.

In order to fix the Swinging Sticks hold on to the long end of the big stick and gently push or pull, in or out, which will bend the pin. Be very careful when you do this. Then check the alignment again by comparing to the A frame. The small stick should be perpendicular to the big stick also.